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What happens next
On Receiving your enquiry,

Restore Inspect and quote for works, and send written quotation, broken down into constituent parts (no lump sums!).

Agree date for works (sometimes may be flexible to allow for works to be carried out by a team finishing off another project.

On day of works, Restore normally will arrive and unload equipment, and store on site if appropriate. We will then sheet window panes by applying plastic affixed with staples c. 4 per frames, and then apply cloth backed tape around edge (pin holes or staples may be visible afterwards, or paint may lift when tape is removed). Wooden battens will be applied on the outside edge of the brickwork to get a nice clean line, and to affix tarp sheets down sides to keep dirt in. Erect a canopy over the doorway if necessary.

Clean or strip paint to the area.

• On completion it may be necessary to touch up areas by rubbing stubborn stains by hand or with a grinder.

• Scaffold boards, paths, etc will rinsed down. Debris from paint stripping will be brushed up as best as possible, bagged and left for disposal.

• Off we go, even happier if you have left our payment, and left you pleased with the works.

As set out above, we can't be responsible for repainting, repointing, water coming into the building or damaging or disturbing anything.

If you have concerns about any of the above, please call and meet on of our team on site. I am sure that we can work to allay your concerns, or alter the works to allow for potential problems or issues.

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