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New Build Problems

New brickwork can be visually spoiled by efflorescence, mortar staining, mismatching brickwork and other issues. Restore can undertake rectification of much or all of these issues-


Efflorescence – Efflorescence is basically caused by excess moisture from an external source causing salts to be deposited on the surface of masonry. These deposits are visually unattractive and in most cases can be successfully removed and even neutralised.


Mortar Staining – Potential attractive brickwork can be spoiled by poor quality smeared pointing, accidentally damaged pointing affected by rain when still wet, or just out and out sloppy work. In either case Restore can clean aggressively to reveal the original brickwork.  


Mismatching brickwork Cleaning the original brickwork to which an extension is constructed in new brickwork can very frequently blend the whole area together and give a satisfactory visual appearance at very little cost. Alternatively the mismatching bricks can be dyed or toned down to blend in. We normally recommend that the original building is cleaned to reveal the true colour, and then choose the bricks to match this correct original appearance.
Brick Cleaning and Restoration

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