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Who uses the services ?
Our services are usually used by property owners, developers, and contractors to improve the appearance of a property by cleaning the brick or stone work, or removing paint from brick work.

I am considering using you for my own house, do you deal with private and business enquiries?
Will the process damage the surface?

No, the basic principle is that we apply solutions that dissolve or break up the unwanted material (dirt or paint). If the surface has already deteriorated under the unwanted material, then when we clean or strip there will be some loose material released.

Will the cleaning or stripping damage the pointing?

Again there is nothing in the process that will break up the pointing, but if it is already weak or missing this will be made worse or removed (if you can remove it with your little finger it may be removed. It needs to be attended to obviously, this is something we can do (Repointing).

My house is painted, and I would like it removed, will the paint to my window cills, be effected.

Unfortunately yes, we obviously need to strip right up to the frames or cills, and these will be damaged, but should only require rubbing back by your decorator (we also do redecorating) and repainting. If you are carrying out this process to want the property to look at it’s best anyway so repainting is probably necessary.

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